Supporting the Family Caregiver

One of our core program areas is Caregiver Support. A caregiver is anyone who provides care to another individual. It can include spending time, providing meals, transportation and assistance with daily activities. Many, but not all, caregivers are family members. A person can have more than one caregiver in their life.

Helping Hands Outreach Caregiver Support program includes our adult day center, caregiver support visits, counseling and advice and healthy visits. We also provide volunteers who are willing to stay with a person in order for the caregiver to have a break or tend to business. We also offer the evidence-based education program “Powerful Tools for Caregivers”. This program provides information and education specifically designed to help the caregiver in their role and be attuned to their own personal well-being.

If you, or someone you know, are a caregiver and need support, respite or information on our adult day center, please contact us at 320-746- 9960.