How To Get Involved

Want To Become A Volunteer?

Volunteers are a key part of Helping Hands Outreach. There are several ways to become involved as a volunteer on a regular or as needed basis. Volunteer opportunities are great for individuals, groups and families. Download our application, and let’s get started today!

Volunteer opportunities can be focused on where your passion lies and can include:

Provide transportation to medical appointments and other appointments
Light housekeeping: dusting, sweeping, washing dishes
Chore services: lawn mowing, window washing, snow removal
Home modifications: installing safety bars, doing home safety checks
Special events: assist with Holdingford and St. Stephen community events
Caregiver respite: spend time with an older adult to allow their caregiver some free time.

The Volunteer Process

Two ladies smiling while posing for a picture with their arms behind each others backs.There is no minimum time you must commit to volunteer with us. You complete an application and tell us what services best suit your own experiences and abilities. Then you will be called upon and you decide if you are available at that time to help out. If so, we line you up with the assignment; if not we will call on you again sometime. We try to have our volunteers serve in their own neighborhoods, however, most volunteers are willing to drive up to 20 miles to help someone out. You can state your preferences as to where and when you want to serve. As you might expect we do have a screening process that includes a background check. This is a fairly standard procedure you would find when volunteering with any organization.

Please consider sharing your time with us!

You may find it helpful to stop by our office or give us a call regarding more volunteer opportunities.



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    Tell us a little bit about yourself

    Consent to perform Background Check

    I am a applying to volunteer for Helping Hands Outreach. I have been advised that as a part of the volunteer process, Helping Hands Outreach will conduct a background check.

    I do hereby consent to Helping Hands Outreach use of any information provided during the volunteer process in performing the background check.

    I have been informed by Helping Hands Outreach that I have the right to review and challenge any negative information that would adversely impact Helping Hands Outreach's decision to allow me to volunteer. I have also been advised that Helping Hands Outreach will give me a reasonable opportunity to clear up any mistaken information reported. However, I do understand that time is of the essence and reasonableness of time is within the sole discretion of Helping Hands Outreach. I will be provided the name, address, and telephone number of the reporting agency as well as the nature and substance of all information and the source.

    By typing your full legal name below, you are electronically signing this document and consent for Helping Hands Outreach to conduct a background check.